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March 29, 2022
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July 15, 2022

Your home holds important memories and oftentimes, your end goal isn’t about a quick sale. But, situations arise and putting your house on the market may be inevitable. At Waymark Homes, we’re a family business and we want to help you remember your memories for years to come—your legacy will remain intact when you sell with us.

As a family-owned and run business in Troy, Michigan, we understand the connection between home and memories. When you sell to Waymark, you’re able to sell your home without the need for costly renovations, maintenance, or curb appeal requirements. Here’s how our family guarantees that your home creates wonderful memories for future owners.

Why Might You Sell Your Family Home? 

Whether the upkeep of your property has become too much for you or you’re ready for larger and better things, the idea of selling your home has most definitely entered your mind, even if it’s a difficult choice. There’s no better time than the present to consider the benefits and drawbacks of homeownership and decide whether selling is the best option for you. You may be considering selling your house for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Your family is growing
  • The location isn’t ideal
  • Income is tight
  • It’s time for an upgrade
  • Job change
  • The upkeep is too much

If you are worried about selling your legacy and your home that holds happy memories, dealing with real estate agents may be stressful and time-consuming. Most people who want to sell their homes want a speedy and stress-free process, which is where our Waymark Homes team comes in. If you’ve come to the conclusion that selling your property is the best option for you, Waymark can assist you with an all-cash offer in as little as 7 days.

How Does Our Selling Process Work?

Make an Appointment

We will meet you at your home and take a quick look around, take some notes, and ask you some basic questions. This normally takes around 30 minutes.

Get an Onsite Offer

We’ll put together a cash offer while we’re there and deliver it to you once we’ve finished our tour of the house. That’s fantastic if you accept! If not, that’s fine as well.

Collect Cash at Closing

We arrange for the closure to take place with a local title business, who will complete your papers and pay the monies on closing day. Done! There’s money in the bank! We will also discuss any closing costs. 

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Why Choose Waymark To Look After Your Legacy

We have a genuine desire to assist house sellers as a local, family-owned business. We believe you are entitled to the greatest as-is cash offer available in Michigan, with no strings attached and no unscrupulous methods. Our mission is to remove any impediments to your family’s ambitions and future, and we accomplish this by providing:

  • The process is quick and streamlined
  • Fast and fair cash offers
  • We cover closing costs

We are here to assist homeowners in Troy, MI in selling their properties for the best possible price with the least amount of fuss. Give us a call at (248)864-2285 when you’re ready to talk about how we can look after your family legacy.

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