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Waymark Homes Top Advantages of Selling

These days, the real estate market is HOT—as in glowing orange, nearly molten hot. In Troy, MI, and the surrounding region, the property is a truly hot commodity. Predictably, homeowners are eager to capitalize on the market by finally getting out from under their current homes. But if we’re not careful, we may obsess a little too much over the brighter sides of the real estate market. Worst still, we may end up receiving less for our home than we anticipated.

The home selling process can be difficult and costly. There’s curb appeal to consider, to say nothing of renovations and closings costs and the search for a realtor. Before staking the “For Sale” sign on your front lawn, it may be worth considering a better way—the Waymark way. 

Waymark Homes buys houses in Michigan. As a family-owned and operated business, Waymark empowers clients by cutting the middle men—all of them. If you’re listing your home for sale by owner, you may want to consider these top advantages of selling with Waymark before the headaches and costs of the typical home-selling experience.

Quick Process

Above every hot streak, there’s a bubble waiting to burst. Timing is everything in the real estate market. But before you know it, your grand designs of selling your home for a substantial profit can vanish for reasons beyond your control. When you need to get out of your house quickly, or sell a loved one’s house to pay for elder care or funeral expenses, Waymark offers the quickest way forward.

After viewing your home, Waymark can make an offer in as few as 5-7 business days – Waymark will walk through options to provide the best outcome for your family. We will also present a no-obligation cash offer. If you like your cash offer, we can close (purchase the home) within 5-7 business days. Compare that timeframe to the average of 65 days (or more) that it takes to sell most homes. For emergency relocations, for elderly loved ones in need of care, and for inherited homes that require too much work to sell, there’s Waymark.

Any Condition

Homes need curb appeal and last-minute renovations before they can be sold, right? In most cases, this assumption may hold true. But with Waymark, you can count on an offer despite the condition of your home—no renovations or curb-appeal boosting investments are necessary.

Waymark not only buys homes in any condition, but we also renovate them as well. If you have an older, family home, or a neglected home you’ve inherited from an elderly or deceased relative, Waymark will restore it to its former glory, preserving your and your family’s legacy there for decades to come.

Cash Offers

At Waymark, we understand that there are plenty of reasons to sell your home. Sometimes, those reasons include an emergency relocation. On other occasions, you may be waiting on the proceeds of your home sale before moving into another home or using those proceeds to pay necessary expenses.

With Waymark on your side, you’ll receive a no-obligation cash offer that’s good to go, freeing you up from any burdensome financial constraints and simplifying the process for even greater convenience. With just a 2-page contract, you can close a deal on your home. There’s no waiting and no financial hurdles to leap with Waymark Homes.

Closing Costs Are On Us  

As part of our mission to cut out the middlemen and their fees, Waymark covers the closing costs associated with selling your home. We take no commission and ask for no payment. Rather, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to sell your home whenever, and however, you’re ready to do so. 

We believe that, in good times and bad, transactions should be simplified for the benefit of all involved. We cover closing costs so that you don’t have to, removing that final extra step between you and selling your home.

The Waymark Way

Sometimes, we rely on tradition because we can’t see or identify a better alternative. The real estate market is no different. The typical method for selling your home includes a half-dozen people, each with their own objectives, fees, and commissions foremost in their minds. With Waymark, however, selling your home is as simple as selling anything else. One seller, one buyer, one cash offer, and no surprise fees or sudden commissions. 

Waymark is a family business with a legitimate desire to empower sellers. Unlike the usual crew of professionals that swarm around every home sale, the Waymark family way means being here to help you in your time of need. Waymark is here to help you sell your home fairly, quickly, and with no strings attached. If you’re listing a home this year, spare yourself the headaches by calling Waymark Homes. 

Quick cash offers from Waymark Homes

Even in a hot real estate market, selling a home takes time. There’s the initial investment in curb appeal and renovations, to say nothing of the real estate agent, the closing costs, the slowly chipping away of hard earned equity that would have otherwise ended up in your own pocket. With Waymark, the home seller has the power—just the way it should be. Simplify the process and break away from the typical home listing methods with Waymark Homes. Learn more by visiting us online or by calling 248-864-2285 today!  

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