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March 1, 2022
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June 28, 2022

Flowers are beginning to bloom which means the seasons are changing here in Michigan and Spring is near! What better time to sell your home and start the season fresh, than by selling your home with Waymark Homes.

No matter what time of year it is, selling your home can be no small feat. Whether hiring a real estate agent or listing your home by owner, the insurmountable amount of time, money, and work that has to be done before a home can be sold can be incredibly overwhelming. Waymark Homes can take the headache out of selling your home by providing quick cash offers to alleviate the stress of selling your home on your own.

Don’t let the condition of your home dictate your future

Whether your home is in pristine condition, needs some work, or is in desperate need of repairs, hiring a real estate agent may be perceived to be the easiest option. However, the decision to hire someone to list your home comes with many costs that are not always considered and can significantly impact your net profits. Waymark Homes can help get you the money you need in a much faster time and with no unexpected fees taken from your net profits.

Closing Costs

Real estate agent fees continue to skyrocket and take large portions of the seller’s profits. When the real estate market is down, selling your home can be difficult and will produce even less profit. On the flip side, when the real estate market is high, closing costs also rise and oftentimes the seller is responsible for covering those additional costs. At Waymark Homes, we cover the seller’s closing costs and offer a quick turnaround that can’t be beat.

Curb Appeal

Real estate agent closing fees aside, securing an offer can seem nearly impossible at times! If you have ever read a home selling guide, you may quickly become overwhelmed at what is expected of you as the seller. Conventional buyers have very high expectations and may turn away if your home is lacking curb appeal or needs any repairs. Renovations can cost thousands and rarely offer a positive return on investment. Conditions beyond your control, such as your neighborhood, can also greatly affect your ability to sell your home fast, but Waymark Homes will offer you cash for your home, no matter the neighborhood, or condition of the property. 

Waymark Homes takes all of the unknown factors out of selling your home by offering instant solutions to your lingering worry.

If you are lucky enough to secure an offer on your home, you are now at the mercy of the lenders. With so many hoops to jump through with conventional financing options such as appraisals, surveys, and home inspections, delays of funds are bound to occur. Even worse is that these inconveniences could prevent the sale of your home from passing the lenders’ critical audit. Even if transactions do happen, 30 days or more may have passed, and when time is of the essence, any minute wasted is a minute too much. Waymark Homes will make you a cash offer in about 30 minutes, saving you more time and will allow you to move on with your life sooner.

Don’t let the house that no longer serves you, hold you back from your new life. Call Waymark Homes at (248)864-2285 today to set up a free appraisal and take the first steps into your new journey.

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