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Why We Are The Best Cash Homebuyer Michigan Has Available
March 5, 2020
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Sell My House Fast in Michigan — For Cash!
March 27, 2020

We Buy Houses Michigan Wants Gone — for Cash!

Want to sell your house but can’t get a good offer? You’re not alone. Almost every homeowner in Michigan has struggled when it comes to getting a good offer for their house.

Selling a house fast is not as easy as it sounds, especially considering the costs associated with selling a property. Most homeowners count themselves lucky if they are able to retain around 85% of their investment.

In most cases, they are eventually able to find a buyer after reducing their asking price multiple times and after waiting for months.

However, you can avoid all this by selling your house to cash buyers like Waymark Homes.

We Buy Houses Michigan Residents Need to Sell

Waymark Homes is a cash home buyer, meaning we pay cash for your house. It doesn’t matter whether your house is in probate, is a fixer-upper, is fire damaged, requires extensive repairs, or has been rejected by tens of buyers. We’ll work with you and uncover its potential.

Give us a call now and get a cash offer for your house today.

Here is why you need to call us now to get the best as-is cash offer in Michigan:

1. We Buy Fast

If you ask people who have sold their house the traditional way with a realtor, you’ll find that they often have to wait for 5 to 6 months to finally get the money in their bank account. Finding a serious buyer is a stroke of luck.

On the other hand, we have closed deals in as few as 2 days and we have also had sellers who asked us to wait for more than 6 months to close the deal.

If you want, we will close the deal in a week, but if you want us to wait, we can wait as long as you want to help you coordinate your move. We don’t need to arrange loans and funds either as we have our own money to pay cash for the house ASAP.

2. No Hassles

We buy houses Michigan residents need to sell, as-is. We don’t want you to worry about cleanup, repairs, renovation, or any other thing. Whether your house has been fire damaged, or you are facing foreclosure, or there are other issues, it doesn’t matter.

Give us a call and get cash for your house. It doesn’t get simpler than that!

3. Guaranteed Sale

we buy houses in michigan We are a legitimate cash house buying company with A+ rating at BBB. We don’t rely on banks and mortgage companies.

We will make you a concrete offer as soon as you give us a call.

Here’s how the buying process works:

a. You call us or share information about your Michigan property through our online form.
b. We meet at your house to take a quick tour, and to ask you some basic questions. It takes around 30 minutes.
c. After taking the tour, we make a no obligations all-cash offer.
d. It’s up to you to accept it or say no. You are under no obligation and you don’t need to sign any contract to get the offer.
e. We set up the closing at a date of your convenience. A local title company handles the paperwork and you get cash on your chosen closing day.


Here at Waymark Homes, we regularly help 10 to 15 Michigan homeowners get cash for their property, every month.

We pay cash for houses and we don’t care about the condition of your home.

Why wait a moment longer? Give us a call now and get a completely free, no obligations all-cash offer for your home today.

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