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Feeling stuck?

It's time to transition into a new season of life, and real estate can be so hectic to deal with...

But selling your home shouldn't be hard. That's why we offer a clean and simple way to sell your home quickly for cash.

We contacted Waymark Homes after an exhaustive internet search for home sale services. From the initial phone call to closing and beyond, all employees were the quintessential role models for professionalism and courtesy during each step of the process. Their responses to inquiries or issues that cropped up were speedy, knowledgable and cordial. They worked hard for us and were solidly in our corner. We could not have been happier with the choice we made. Thank you so much!!!!

Kristine H.

We get it. Selling isn't easy.

Which is why every month, 10-15 Michigan homeowners accept a cash offer from Waymark Homes and get back to living the life that they deserve.

Whether your house is a total fixer-upper, in probate, or in perfect condition, Waymark Homes is the easiest way to sell your house.

How it works


Get an Offer Onsite

Once we finish our tour of the home, we will put together a cash offer while we are there and present it to you. If you accept, great! If not, that's okay too.

We understand. We want to help.

At Waymark Homes, we want you to be free to live the life you deserve; but a house can sometimes stand in the way. Occasionally the condition of a house can make it hard to sell, and at other times, life circumstances can make holding on to a house challenging. No matter the case, if you need a strong helping hand, we are here to help get you un-stuck!

You can bypass the months of hassle that come with selling your house the traditional route and experience the fastest and simplest way to sell your home. With no commissions, no banks, no fees, and no repairs ever, we've made sure selling your home for cash has never been easier.

If you are looking for the best as-is cash offer in Michigan, look no further. Don’t let selling your house stand in the way of your family’s dreams and future. Let us take the weight off of your shoulders and give you the peace and freedom you deserve.