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Waymark Homes: A Cash Housebuyer Michigan Company
July 24, 2019
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Waymark Homes: The Best House Buyers Michigan Has to Offer!
August 6, 2019

Selling your beloved home isn’t an easy decision. However, change is an important part of life, and there’s a multitude of factors that could motivate one to sell their home.

New career opportunities and moving into a bigger property are some of the more positive reasons why people move from their current homes. However, there are some other unforeseen circumstances such as sudden medical bills, foreclosure, general financial problems, divorce, property inheritance, downsizing, and others that may force an individual to sell their homes and fast.

When facing foreclosure, time is usually of the essence. If you plan on selling your home to avoid foreclosure, listing it through an agent may not be a viable option since the process is not only costly but it may also take a considerable amount of time to complete and find a ready and willing buyer.

When you list your home, the house can sit on the market for weeks or even months before making any progress. But when you are in a financial crunch, you don’t have weeks. You want to resolve your situation as soon as possible.

It’s time to reach out to Waymark Homes. Whatever your reason may be, we offer you a hassle-free way to sell your house fast in Michigan.

We are a professional team of cash house buyers based in Michigan. Our main aim is to simplify the process of selling a home and eliminate the challenges that house sellers commonly face.

There are numerous benefits to selling your house to cash house buyers, such as:

Speedy Sale

One of the main benefits of selling your house for cash is that the process is fast, easy and straight forward.

When you approach us, we will schedule an appointment, do a quick tour of your house and then present you with a fair cash offer for the value of your home.

We can close in as little as 10 days and you receive your cash without any fuss.

The Process Is Cost-Free

When planning to sell their homes, most people tend to overlook the actual costs of listing their homes. You have to consider that there is an agent’s fee which on average is around 6% of the price of the house.

There are upfront costs which include house repair and improvement costs. There are also closing costs which can reach up to 4% of the sale price of your house.

However, when you sell to us, there are no fees or costs whatsoever. You eliminate the middleman, and you also don’t have to worry about any repairs since we buy houses on an as-is basis.

Guaranteed Fair All-Cash Offer for Houses

sell my house fast in Michigan When you list your home, the risk of the sale falling through is always high.

This is because most house buyers usually require financial support in terms of mortgage loans from relevant institutions. They have to be pre-approved before making the initial offer, and they are also closely assessed before closing the deal.

Unfortunately, various factors in between may cause the house buyer to no longer qualify for the loan. There’s also the risk of indecisive buyers who might change their minds during the last stages of closing on a house.

However, here at Waymark Homes, we are investors and we already have the money at hand.

If we present you with an offer and you accept it, you are certain of closing. If you need to sell your house fast here in Michigan, then we are your best option.

As shown above, there are numerous benefits of selling to cash house buyers such as us. The process of selling a home has never been this easy and convenient. To get an offer on your home, contact the friendly team at Waymark Homes now.

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