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August 14, 2019
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August 29, 2019

Tips for Selling Your Home: We Buy Houses Michigan Residents Want to Sell!

Homeowners who need to sell their houses for cash fast are now turning to property investors. These “we buy houses Michigan” companies are booming, primarily due to the uncertainty of the housing market.

With the promise of quick cash — usually within days — it’s without a doubt tempting to go for these offers.

However, many people have fallen prey to scammers. If you are a seller who wants to use these investors, it certainly makes sense to do your homework.

With that in mind, here are several tips for picking reputable “we buy houses Michigan” firms:

BBB Accreditation we buy houses in Michigan

Accreditation via the BBB is a vital aspect of picking a cash property buyer. This distinction implies that the firm is expected to do business with integrity in order to maintain their accreditation.

The Better Business Bureau gives each firm a rating base on how well they interact with their clients and reliability.

The ratings are determined by customer complaints years in business, as well as transparency.

Local Chamber of Commerce Member

This one has the same goals as the Better Business Bureau- to protect people from firms with unscrupulous practices.

According to a survey done by the Schapiro Group in 2012, two thirds of customers said that they found companies

who are active members of the local chamber of commerce are trustworthy in doing good business practices.

This entity screens its members to maintain a positive impression in the community.

For one of these “we buy houses Michigan” companies to be accepted into the organization, they must provide reputable care.

Locally Owned & Operated Firm

You should avoid using a property investment company that’s based in another state (or worse, in another nation.) You should have the chance to meet face to face with the cash buyers.

A local homebuying company will ideally have a high familiarity with the Michigan housing market and thus provide comparable house sale information.

Able To Give References

Before picking a property investor, you need to ask the firm for a list of references. The list should have contact information for previous clients who are willing to vouch for the company. You ideally want to take their years in business into consideration as well.

Getting recommendations from family members and friends who have used the same “we buy homes” company can ideally steer you to a reliable investor.

Online Reviews

Online reviews of a real estate investor in Michigan can give you insight into whether you can trust the company before handing over your details.

Even though one negative review should not deter you from doing business, red flags are raised if multiple people have negatively reviewed the company.

You also need to look at more than one source for reviews. Ensure you go through platforms like Google Business Page, Facebook, and Yelp.

Shop Around

A reputable Michigan housebuyer company won’t be pushy when it comes to signing the contract.

Even though the company may promise that they are offering the best deal in the state, you cannot be sure unless you compare offers from multiple investors.

With these expert tips, you can ensure you’re dealing with a reliable “we buy houses” company. Give us a call today for more guidance on selling your home.

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