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Need To Sell Your House Fast? Find Out Why Sterling Heights Residents Turn To Us
September 5, 2019
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Who’s Qualified To Help Me Sell My House Fast in Michigan?
September 19, 2019

Waymark Homes Buys Houses in Sterling Heights, MI


Do you have a house that you want to sell but don’t know how to do it fast?

Maybe you find the entire process intimidating and confusing. Maybe you are calculating the months it may take to get it into the market, plus the commissions you’ll have to pay the realtor once you put it out in the market.

This doesn’t have to be the case. At Waymark Homes, we are here to help. We buy houses in Sterling Heights, Michigan — for cash!


Yes, you heard right. We buy houses in Sterling Heights for cash. In fact, we will buy your house and give you the cash immediately the moment the deal goes through.

If you are wondering why you should choose us, read on below.

First, we buy your houses for cash as-is and do not require the owners to make any renovations.

The last thing that a homeowner wants to do is pay more for renovations, especially if they are selling because they need money fast. We understand you cannot afford to pay for more and wait for months for the house to sell. You may not even be sure that it will sell! Even if it does, it may be at a really low cost because of the housing market.

Luckily, at Waymark Homes, we will give you cash for your Sterling Heights house without expecting any renovations to be done. That means that if you are selling your house because of a termite infestation, water damage, fire damage, or even any other type of problem we will take it as is.

we buy houses in Sterling Heights

Why pay more when you can sell to us and get your cash in hand swiftly?

Two, we will buy your house in Sterling Heights for cash.

The process is simple. You contact us on our website and tell us if you want to sell your house.

Next, we will send a team to your house to check the place out. They will then offer you an amount. If you find it agreeable, we will have the contract ready for you to sign.

Once you accept the offer, the house is ours and we pay you, in cash, within days. Unlike other transactions, you won’t be stuck waiting around for months.

We know how hard it is to sell a house. It can be a huge hassle to look for a real estate agent and pay them a commission, even if the house does actually sell.

At our company, we assure you that you do not need to give any commission. The amount that is agreed upon is the exact amount that you will get. We provide our inspections for free and we will not add any charges. This way, you can plan for your next investment confidently.

No need to stay in an old house or struggle to sell a house when moving away. Reach out to the friendly team at Waymark Homes, where we buy houses in Sterling Heights for cash and we guarantee fair prices!

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